• Easily add children to a class and assign tuition rates. For flexibility, you can edit rates on a per child basis to offer discounts and fees for extended services.
  • Has a child aged out of a class? Just drag and drop them into the next class in the roster
  • Visually monitor the staffing ratio to ensure state compliance
  • Print attendance sheets and attendance reports

Class Roster Made Easy

There is lot to maintaining a class roster and staff schedule in compliance with state laws. You have to create a staffing schedule and fluidly maintain staffing ratios as staff members move back and forth between classes during the day.

An online class roster makes it easy to keep an eye on enrollment data, staff schedules and ratios, as we well as each child's tuition rate.

Scheduling and Billing

  • Class schedules

    Quickly spot gaps in class coverage by viewing the staff schedule on a consolidated class calendar. Easily create recurring schedules for each staff member on different week days to help maintain staff ratios by class.

  • Unlimited tuition rates

    Create as many bill rates per class. This unique flexibility allows you to create customized tuition rates for each child. Some children stay longer, some require additional attention, some are offered discounted rates -- now you can handle every type of customer by offering custom tuition rates.