• You handle business and we handle upgrades, security patches and bank level security. No IT department required for your center.
  • All financial transactions are processed using secure encryption—the same level of encryption used by leading banks. Card information is transmitted, stored, and processed securely on a PCI-Compliant network.
  • Hosted by Amazon Web Services, SkyChildCare is backed by some of the most robust and secure infrastructure available today.
  • Your data is yours. We will never sell or give it away. If you want to leave, you can always ask for an export of your own data before we purge it from SkyChildCare.

World Class Protection

Your center data is one of the most valuable assets our company has. That’s why our top priority is delivering a comprehensive, high-performance solution with a focus on keeping our customers’ data safe, their interactions secure, and their businesses protected.

SkyChildCare is hosted with Amazon Web Services, one of the largest and most trusted cloud computing environments. Not only is SkyChildCare and your data protected by highly secure facilities and infrastructure, but they’re also protected by extensive network and security monitoring systems. These systems provide basic but important security measures such as distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection and password brute-force detection on AWS Accounts.

At SkyChildCare, we achieve the highest level of security by performing full security audits of our product and infrastructure regularly, including annual third-party audits.

Security Is Baked In

  • Transmission security

    All communications with SkyChildCare servers are encrypted using industry standard SSL. SkyChildCare supports Transport Layer Security (TLS), a protocol that encrypts and delivers data securely, mitigating eavesdropping and spoofing between servers. All data is stored in a highly encrypted format and is never stored nor transmitted in an unencrypted format.

  • Center security

    All access to data within SkyChildCare is governed by access rights, authenticated by username and password. Your SkyChildCare center administrator can define granular access privileges to various staff members to further restrict access to sensitive data.

    User account password resets are performed using mandatory two factor authentication with a text message to a known mobile phone number.