• Be reminded when children are getting ready to be aged out of their current class
  • Expiring credit cards on file will trigger a reminder before they expire
  • Was an automatic tuition payment declined by the bank? Be alerted without having to check all of your transactions
  • Stay on top of immunization requirements. Expiring immunization records will be highlighted a month before they need to be renewed

More Time To Focus On The Children

Keeping on top of paperwork can be a full time job. Credit cards on file that need to be renewed. Children and staff who have immunization records that are coming up for renewal. A banking transaction that didn't go through. There are any number of things that need your constant attention, and missing one could have a significant impact on your business.

SkyChildCare creates time for you by bringing alerts to your attention and allowing you to focus on your children during the day.

Feature Details

  • Daily reminders

    The home screen will remind you of all the daily occurrences: children's birthdays, staff accreditation and certification renewals, and missing physical records or immunizations that need updating. Urgent alets are grouped by themselves and items related to finance, such as declined banking transactions are separately tracked and displayed.

  • Financial alerts

    The Finance section has its own alert display that quickly highlights events that require updating such as, outdated banking or credit card information or charges that were declined by the card owner.