SkyChildCare uses ACH (Automated Clearing House) to process all payments. ACH processes bank-to-bank payments through the Federal Reserve system.

Payment status and their meanings


Registered center is making a payment

Guardian provides bank account information to childcare center and authorizes SkyChildCare (via our ACH partner) to debit their account. All bank account information is encrypted.


Funds are moving between guardian and childcare center’s bank.

Our ACH partner coordinates with the Federal Reserve and the guardian’s and childcare center’s banks to begin the transfer of money. Funds will be debited from the guardian’s account but won’t yet be available to the childcare center.


The payment has processed

If the payment is authorized by the guardian’s bank, we credit the childcare center’s account immediately. Funds should appear in 1-2 business days.


The payment could not be processed

If the debit fails, our ACH partner will be notified in 1-4 business days. In some rare instances, a payment can move from ‘completed’ to ‘failed’ depending on when the notice of failure is received.

Payment Schedules

Payments typically take 4-6 business days to reach the receiving account. Since weekends and bank holidays are not considered business days, the overall payment time may be greater by up to 3 further calendar days. Here’s a typical payment. *

Our ACH partner will batch transactions each weekday, excluding bank holidays
Payments run at 2:30PM, Eastern Time.

Bank Holidays (2015)

New Years' Day

Jan 1

Martin Luther King, Jr's Birthday

Jan 19

Washington's Birthday

Feb 16

Memorial Day

May 25

Independence Day

Jul 4

Labor Day

Sep 7

Columbus Day

Oct 12

Veterans Day

Nov 11

Thanksgiving Day

Nov 26

Christmas Day

Dec 25

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