• Parents calling to schedule a tour? Quickly schedule them on a calendar so you can spend time with them without interrupting your class schedule
  • After completing a tour, enter the child's name in a wait list until space opens up
  • Spending your entire evening tracking folders full of enrollment paperwork? Let parents fill out an enrollment packet online
  • Save time when managing class rosters. As children age out of classes, simply drag and drop them into the next class

Say No To Paperwork

Child enrollment has traditionally been a time consuming process. It involves handing the parents a sheaf of forms, waiting for them to fill it out, and then when returned, manually typing that into a record keeping system. If a contact information, payment method or the child's medical history needs updating, the whole process starts over.

Our mission at SkyChildCare is to reduce the time spent pushing paperwork so that you can give your attention to what matters most: the children entrusted in your care. SkyChildCare allows parents and center staff to add or update child information electronically. The KiteLine app for the iPhone allows parents to update their children's information and pay bills without ever having to call the center.