• Parents on a weekly schedule are emailed a tuition invoice every Monday. Five days later on Friday, they are automatically debited the stated tuition. To prevent confusion or billing errors, tuition is never billed without an upfront invoice. This reduces your workload by eliminating routine phone calls about payments and when they are due.
  • Invoices can be generated with multiple individual line items, and any credit on file is automatically applied to the current invoice.
  • SkyChildCare shows you the total current outstanding invoices, family billing rates and monthly statements as ready made reports. Keeping a tab on your center's finances has never been easier.
  • Accept major credit cards and support automatic bank debits like larger centers. Apply partial payments to outstanding invoices to retain the flexibility of handling customers who need more time to catch up on payments.

Hassle Free Tuition Collection

Collecting tuition and ensuring a smooth cashflow is critical to the success of any child care center. Automating it reduces errors, prevents fraud and saves you valuable time that you can spend on the children in your charge.

SkyChildCare comes with a built in tuition collection module at no extra charge. Whether you collect tuition through cash and papercheck, or if you are interested in collecting payments through credit cards and bank debits, SkyChildCare will speed up the time it takes for the tuition to be deposited in your bank account.

Invoicing & Statements Made Easy

  • Year-end tuition statements

    Keeping track of all cash, check and credit card payments is not just important for the bottom line. At the end of the year, how much time do you spend generating tuition statements for your parents?

    SkyChildCare generates end of year statements that include a list of all invoices and payments. This report is easily exportable as a PDF, and the email Notify feature can be used to send this to the parent without ever leaving SkyChildCare.

  • Detailed invoice

    Create detailed line itemed invoice for the convenience of your parents. Each type of expense, tuition, field trip incidentals, registration or renewal fees, and material fees can be broken out on the invoice. This allows the parent to understand what they are being billed and reduces the number of phone calls you have to take.

    Creating invoices could not be simpler. Enter any number of line items, press the generate invoice button, and the invoice is generated and scheduled for automatic delivery to the parent. If they are paying via electronic debit, the money will be transferred to your center's bank account on the set tuition schedule.