• Improve cash flow with reliable automatic bank debits. Instead of chasing paper checks, you know that the tuition funds will reliably show up without fail. Setting up a bank debit is easy and after the first week, the tuition will show up regularly in your center's account. Learn more about the payment schedule for bank debits here.
  • Collect tuition through any major credit card, including VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.
  • Improve security and reduce the possibility of fraud by using online tuition collection. Paper checks and cash collection require a manager's attention to reduce the possibility of fraud -- and paper checks require a trip to the bank during busy work hours. SkyChildCare is an ISO/MSP of SunTrust Bank.
  • Prefer to use cash or paper checks? SkyChildCare can track those payments so that you can still run a reliable end of year report for your parents. Accept payment any way you want, and your reports will still show a comprehensive overview of all invoices generated and paid.


Are you spending the busy part of your day chasing paper checks, counting cash and making time consuming trips in traffic to the bank? Wouldn't you rather be spending this time and energy doing what you do best?

SkyChildCare offers online tuition collection at no extra cost to your monthly subscription. SkyChildCare applies a transaction fee for collecting tuition. This fee is 29¢ on all ACH (bank debit) transaction, 2.5% on Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit and debit cards, and 3.2% for American Express credit cards

Ways To Pay

  • Bank debits

    Electronic fund transfers (EFTs), or simply bank debits, allow you to debit parent's checking or savings account and have that fund transferred directly to your center's checking account. Weekly classes are invoiced on Mondays and debited on Fridays. Monthly classes are invoiced on the first Monday of the month and debited that Friday.

  • Apple Pay and credit cards

    Ad hoc payments can be accepted in the system at any time with a credit card. Card numbers are typed into SkyChildCare, or swiped with an inexpensive USB card swiper.

    With the free KiteLine app for the iPhone, parents can initiate invoice payments from their phone with Apple Pay. Parents love this flexibility of viewing invoices and make payments on the go without having to stand in line at the center with a credit card in hand.