• Send newsletters, and updates about their children to parents via email
  • Parents appreciate a quick reminder, about tuition payments and schedules, via text messages
  • Send out pre-recorded broadcasts for urgent messages
  • Text messages, emails and pre-recorded broadcasts can be sent to individuals or groups of parents or staff

Communication Made Easy

Staying in touch with your parents is one of the most important things you do. It allows you to pass along progress reports, elicit help from parents, notify guardians about up-coming events, and remind them of the next tuition due date. If you are pressed for time, looking up names, email addresses and phone numbers makes it hard to communicate well.

SkyChildCare makes communication easy. Every parent or staff name has an icon displayed next to it to immediately send an email or text message while the task is still fresh in your mind. These quick, impromptu messages mean the world to busy and anxious parents. In a world full of smartphone toting parents, your center stands out amongst the rest.

Messaging On The Go

  • Texts and emails

    SkyChildCare allows you to enter everything online when enrolling a child. Add the child's name and the primary guardian's email address, and SkyChildCare will send a link to the parent via email.

    Parents can then complete the registration online for their child, and siblings, and enter all development history, guardian and emergency contact information, as well as dietary and medical history.

  • Broadcast messaging

    Parents lead busy lives. Calling the center to update payment information, contact numbers or medical information is often one task too many.

    With the free SkyChildCare iPhone KiteLine app, parents can continue to keep their children's records updated without having to ever call your center. Recent invoice statements and payments due are visible and parents can use Apple Pay to initiate payment for outstanding invoices.