• Maintain an audit trail of who is dropping off and picking up the children. Each guardian is assigned a unique PIN code that is used to access children.
  • Replace your paper log with a tablet on your front desk. Allow parents to sign their children in and out on a tablet using SkyChildCare Front Desk, a free app for your iPad or Android tablet.
  • Maintain an accurate time stamp of your staff's working hours, by having each employee log their times with their unique PIN code. This eliminates any uncertainty about hours worked.
  • For hourly centers, quickly calculate payment owed based on pickup time stamp.

Attendance Tracking

In the mornings, your front desk is the busiest part of your center. Parents dropping children off, staff coming in for the day and children waiting to be taken to their class. With this much activity, it is easy to lose track of the importance of maintaining an audit trail of each person's coming and going.

SkyChildCare provides child and staff attendance tracking through the web, and for our Silver tier members, a free FrontDesk tablet app to allow parents and staff to perform self-checkin.

Accurate, Audited, Staff and Child Tracking

  • FrontDesk for tablets

    Allow your parents and staff to self check-in with SkyChildCare FrontDesk, available for download from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Drop offs and pickups are authorized by a unique PIN assigned to each guardian and each record is timestamped in a permanent audit trail.

  • Hours for payroll

    Maintain accurate hours for payroll when working with staff on a partial schedule. Each staff member has a unique PIN to allow them to clock in and out independently. Payroll reports allow you to quickly enter hours into your payroll system.